We partner with you to help your company generate more revenue and make every customer experience count.

Do the interactions that people have with your brand drive decisions to purchase more from your company or, better yet, recommend you to others? Maybe you have been promised the world, and all of the customers in it, by another contact center but at the end of the campaign things just didn’t pan out. iPacesetters looks beyond a single call. Instead, we focus on taking real data and tailoring every experience to the customer’s needs so you gain long-term relationships that result in increased revenues, new customers and a stronger brand.

We are experts in increasing sales for our customers but we don’t think we know it all. You know your business better than anyone. We’re here to work together as a partner and trusted advisor to get you the greatest results.

Here’s how we do it:

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iPacesetters is a certified woman/minority owned business.

Customer Acquisition

service-customer-acquisitionYou must grab your customer’s attention in the first few seconds of a call, or it’s too late.

Features and benefits won’t get the job done. You have to be able to relate directly with them and what they care about. Before a single call is made or received our team has become fluent with your brand so they can instantly identify a customer’s needs and provide them with the right solution.


So what type of results should you expect?

  • deep list penetration
  • wireless calling sales
  • unsurpassed conversion rates
  • reduced cost-per-sale
  • and a huge boost in revenue from new customers

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Case Study: Credit Card Issuer icon_pdf
Case Study: Utilities Company icon_pdf
Case Study: Calling Wireless Devices icon_pdf
White Paper: Wireless Calling icon_pdf

Customer Retention, Loyalty and Win-back

service-customer-retensionYou want your customers to buy from you more than once.

It is pretty simple. If your customers receive poor customer service they are much less likely to buy from your company again. In most cases they will tell someone how horrible their experience was, which isn’t exactly helpful for growing your business.

Why not find a way to give customers a great experience that turns them into fans of your business instead of foes? But building and sustaining differentiation from your competitors will take more than just bodies in seats. You need to woo your customers into a long-term relationship by partnering with a contact center that has a culture rooted in caring for your customers.

How do we do it?

  1. Get to know your offers
  2. Refine your offers
  3. Craft compelling scripts
  4. Identify new upsell opportunities
  5. Monitor and fine-tune
  6. Analyze & Deliver insights

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Case Study: Energy Company icon_pdf
Case Study: Cable and Broadband Company icon_pdf

Lead Generation

service-lead-generationYou need a constant infusion of fresh, quality leads to make your investment in sales worth it.

There’s nothing worse than calling a stale lead. You probably don’t want to waste time with people who aren’t interested in your company. By putting our heads together, your marketing team and our lead generation experts will develop strategic calling plans and benefit-driven scripts for your target market.

You will receive only the best leads so your valuable time is only spent on qualified prospects that are ready to buy. We’ll keep the leads coming so your pipeline stays full.

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Case Study: Cable and Broadband Company icon_pdf

Appointment Setting

service-appointment-settingYour sales teams need to focus on what they do best…selling!

You don’t want them to spend their precious time on distracting – yet critical – tasks like scheduling appointments. That’s where we come in. Our appointment setting team knows how to get past the gatekeeper and straight to your customer. And just to make sure that the appointment is locked in, we’ll also make a friendly follow-up phone call or send an email reminder to confirm.

When it’s time for the appointment, your sales team can feel confident that their customer will be there to pick up the phone or open the door.

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Case Study: Cable and Broadband Company icon_pdf

Bilingual Marketing

service-bi-lingual-marketingAccording to the United States Census Bureau, Hispanic population in the U.S. surpassed 50 million in 2000, a 43% increase from the previous 10 years. At 16% of the nation’s population, the Hispanic market is a potent and influential consumer sector.

With contact centers in the Dominican Republic, iPacesetters has the know-how, cultural insight and Spanish language fluency to help you tap into this powerful emerging market. We’ll work with you to develop effective bilingual inbound and outbound campaigns that will produce loyal new customers for years to come.

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